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Ahimsa jumpsuit
  • Ahimsa jumpsuit


    A sublime combination, with an ultra soft touch and delicate details. Made with the aim of being in harmony with your body, this combination reveals your femininity while combining practicality. With its bare back and seams that will shape your figure, this jumpsuit will allow you to practice your sessions with ease, but also to feel beautiful and full of confidence.


    The Sanskrit word Ahimsa designates, in the religions of India, non-violence (or non-harm). It is also the absence of any intention to harm, and therefore, respect for all forms of life. Hence the real meaning of Ahimsa which is: love.

    Universal love for oneself and all the vibrant things in this universe.

    This combination is both self-love, but also love for the Universe that surrounds us (since the composition of the latter is recyclable). Peace & love -


    ° 68% Bamboo

    ° 25% Organic cotton

    ° 5% Elastane

    Our model Anissa is 1m59 tall and wears a size XS.

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