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The story of Anjali Moonrise

My life story .... some confidences to share with you

to immerse you in my universe ....

Manuela, mother of a little boy, from Var by adoption, I illuminate my life and that of others around the values ​​of sharing happiness and well-being

and openness to oneself, to others and to the world.

First of all, my childish sensitivity for nature and respect

living beings leads me to get involved for different causes

(animal protection, waste collection, etc.).

Then, amazed by India, its culture, its people, a trip to

my 30 years, changed me forever and shaped my future.

Since then, I have become a yoga teacher Vinyasa, Ashtanga,

and manager of a studio.

Exchanges, sharing with my students led me to develop

my Anjali Moonrise eco-designed clothing brand project

with respect for humans and the planet.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Every day I give meaning to my actions so

that my life is in connection with my values.

"To create is to live twice"

The desire to create while respecting the environment as well as the people who work and make in the workshops,

while focusing on quality and sustainability have given birth

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

I founded my online ecological clothing store

to promote the sustainable consumption trends of the future.

With my team, we are committed to providing consumers with the best quality products with the lowest possible impact.

Eco-friendly collections, more ethical fashion, thoughtful clothing

and aware in connection with nature, spirituality, the path of yoga.

"Sharing our Love, Light & Peace Vibrations"


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